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04 June 2006



I think it's worse than that. I think it's a strategy to keep people's attention off of their agenda like the war or global warming or tax cut's for the rich. It feels like they hope to play to people's ignorance and fears and in the process, deflect attention away from them.


I don't understand it either, and wonder if they use their position simply to play off of people's fears, people's ignorant fears in order to retain power. Imagine if all this time and attention were given to something truly worth it. How about educating people to realize that their fears are ignorant???


I know you are right too. I couldn't agree with you more but you knew that already. The question I keep asking myself is why these people feel so inclined and empowered to mess with other people's private lives? Why are they so worried about people loving each other in the "right" way (read: THEIR idea of right)? I've never understood it and I never will.

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