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29 July 2008




Thank you for your comments, I'm happy that you enjoyed a visit to my site. I have been on a bit of a pause from my blog for a few weeks, but should be back in the swing of it shortly. I hope that you will visit again!!

I already have your dad's book, and it was sitting on my nightstand when I received your message!! What a small and wonderful world. Am only about a quarter through it but am enjoying it very much.

All the best from Oregon, USA.


I came across your blog accidentally on a completely unrelated image search (pergolas...), and enjoyed a lovely trip down memory lane(I'm English, lived in Athens as a young child and spent every summer until moving to Los Angeles on Evia), for which I thank you! I think you would enjoy a book written by my father, John Mole, called "It's all Greek To Me". It's available on Amazon. I mention this to you not as a shameless plug, but because I truly think it would give you pleasure!
Sto Kalo,

maria v

when i lived in athens, i used to go tramping here with a mountain-climbing group. what astounded me was how deserted it was even then (although it was winter when i had visited elatos). your mother's village is truly a haven for natural beauty.

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