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22 August 2008



Laurie, so goes Alaska...and a former beauty queen to boot!

Laurie Constantino

Let me put it this way.
We have a Republican governor.
Our state house has a Republican majority, as does our state senate.
Our entire congressional delegation is Republican.
Democrats aren't popular here.
The local newspaper just put up a story about how Joe Biden opposed the original legislation authorizing the trans-Alaska pipeline.
The only bright side is the Republicans have been in corruption meltdown over the last year. Multiple R state legislators have been indicted and convicted of corruption. Sen. Ted Stevens is pending trial on felony charges in the DC court. Rep. Don Young has spent about a million bucks on lawyers fees over the last year and is expected to be indicted.
The Democrats are hoping all this will open the eyes of voters and help defeat Stevens and Young and go for Obama. It's possible, but I'm not holding my breath. The knee-jerk response of Alaska voters to go for even corrupt Republicans shouldn't be underestimated.


Laurie, will Alaska go with Obama, or are they leaning RED toward McSame?

Maria, wish you could vote!

Laurie Constantino

He made a good decision in picking Biden. G-Obama.

maria v

i'm with you

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