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08 August 2008



I'm sure they'd love to because it's been determined a lot of water is being wasted through leakage, but these pipes were put in long, long ago. All the streets would need to be dug up, and our water cut off (well, more than it is now). As Maria said, you can flush it, but the consequences aren't always pretty; in fact, it's an experience you'll never forget.

Patricia Volonakis Davis

I know what you mean! I lived in Greece for seven years and as much as I loved it there, could never get used to this. We were in a suburb of Athens and still we had to utilised this method. Yuck.

maria v

yes, this is one of the first thing i noticed when i first came out to greece.
you can try flushing it - beware of the results (as i have seen for myslef)


I only hope my sabbatical can be 1/10 as fun, history-making, fulfilling, and adventurous as yours. You did it right. I need to start planning!

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