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24 August 2008



As you know I also have a problem with blue. As a designer it has been difficult, at times, to deal with blue for me. But that is changing. In my current home I'm going to use some blue accents. And that seems and feels right. It is the paint everything that doesn't move blue way of thinking that really disturbs me.


I love color, and have a passion and an obsession for all things color. Greens seems to be the most natural connection for me. The blues of Greece are definitely my "favorite" at the moment!


I happen to be in the 75% group that likes blue which is why I feel so drawn to your spectral images of Greece!! Jut wondering, what colour is it that you can relate to best ?


greece are all these shown on your photos and much more....

Laurie Constantino

Your spectral studies are very interesting - and a great idea. It's fascinating the big impact a series of pictures in a single color makes.

maria v

you've done a great job here!

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