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11 September 2008



Thank you both for confirming my observations about Portland drivers. It makes me feel better, knowing I'm not alone! Portlanders just don't get it... nice people don't get me wrong, but absolute crazy behind the wheel.


The drivers in Portland are very bad. I've driven in almost every major city in the country - cars, trucks, big trucks (yes, 18 wheelers) and the drivers in Portland never cease to amaze me. What are they thinking? Evidently about anything other than their driving. Man. They are truly truly scarey.

Laurie Constantino

Funny! Did I mention I was born in Portland? I also went to law school there at L&C. If we didn't live in Alaska, Portland would be my very first choice. I raved about it for so many years, my brother moved there a few years ago. He loves it too. One reason I really laughed at this post is that one of the scariest drives I ever had was trying to follow someone who was going about 75 over the Morrison Bridge. Truly terrifying.

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