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23 November 2008



We couldn't get over the number of laxatives in pharmacies in the US - the whole of one side of the aisle seemed to be devoted to them ... I don't know what people do over here instead.

We had a great snow holiday in Finland a couple of years ago, and my husband was in heaven. There was no choice. Just salmon, potato, reindeer meet, coffee and bread cooked over an open fire, and a couple of knives down your sock. We learnt about a strange Finnish sport - Wife Carrying - which involves a man running with a wife over his shoulder. Doesn't matter whose wife she is, they're all the same. My husband nearly emigrated on the spot.


Air fresheners are the root of all evil. Don't get me started. The worst chemical we can possibly add to the air in our homes. They should be banned. On the flip side, I do enjoy variety when it comes to food products likes chocolate or ice cream. What a dull place the world would be if we only had 2 flavours of ice cream LOL
I completely agree with you about the cold medicine though.


Air Fresheners! We were at Target, and saw an entire half-aisle devoted to air fresheners.

Laurie Constantino

Cereals is the worst offender - this is no reason on God's green earth that the needs to be an entire ROW in the grocery store devoted to cereals.
Olive oil, both here and in Greece, is another one.
I'm tempted to say wine, but that might be heretical.


well, nearly everything is packaged in such a wide variety of flavours and fragrances that it makes choosing which one to buy very difficult - i wouldn't be surprised if people ended up buying two or three choices of a given brand, int he hope that they will make their choice at home, and possibly bin the ones that they don't particularly like, hence having wasted money while the manufacturer got his job done!

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