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04 November 2008



Yes! Thank you for your support when the trolls just wouldn't leave me alone. Strangely, they have vanished, once it became clear that their garbage wasn't going to work this time.

What a breath of fresh air after 8 years of idiocy at the hands of Shrub and his evil handlers. Hope vanquishes fear and hate. Everyone wins!


We are proud of you and your democratic insticts.
Keep strong now.
Lots of love from Greece


Congrats on the Obama victory! Canadians were rooting too and we are very pleased with the results. Bravo!

* now if only we could get rid of our PM!


Yes, you can, and very best wishes from the UK! Stayed up most of the night to watch it happen. Senator McCain was very gracious in defeat too. Proud of you all.


yes, you did indeed - check out my welcoming post

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