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20 December 2008


Steven Dahlman - MarinaCityOnline.com

Glad I could help! There is always room for one more at Marina City. Thanks for the kind words about our groovy pad.


Although I have never been to Portland, Oregon, I must say that if I had my pick of American cities to live in it would be yours, kalliope! There something so wholesome and rural about Portland. It seems that the citizens are connected to nature and actually care about what they drive (I have heard about the bicycle riding culture in Portland), and how they live. Portland also has a large vegetarian and vegan following. And, of course there are many industrial design jobs in your state based on my job searches on the Coroflot site!
The lakeshore area of my city, reminds me of Chicago's Marina Towers. There are a LOT of snazzy condo units going up near the lake. Many are equipped with shopping and entertainment amenities so that the condo dweller does not have to travel far from home. There is a definite condo culture happening here. We opted out of this lifestyle when we chose to buy the house on the outskirts of downtown so we can also have a garden in the summer and plant some veggies! Not that I have a green thumb or anything. It was all just a wishful thinking ;)

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