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10 December 2008



Wow you really went there. You know I'm a fan of the fake tree. I pull mine out of the basement every year! I've never seen black. Super cool! I think silver would look great on it too.


B, nope it's black. Perhaps it's some sort of color memory syndrome. Where we look at something that is supposed to be a certain color, and see it even if it doesn't exist. Christmas Trees are probably high on that list. What else? K


Your tree looks really nice!! It actually looks very natural and green to me, not black at all. I decided not to bother getting a tree this year. Actually, I did not get a tree last year either. Call it laziness or the fact that I'm not a Christmas tree aficionado. I have some tall dogwood branches in a vase that I decorate instead. It adds a bit of festivity to the room without overdoing it. I know all about ugly, artificial trees as my parent's had the same fake tree for years and years. It was very cheap looking. I called it the toilet bowl brush tree. LOL!


ive only ever once put up a real christmas tree. the pine needles created a mess in our lounge. i vowed never to put a real one up again, and i havent.

i dont find anything wrong with a fake tree (but i do have reservations concerning real trees that will simply be thrown out afterwards...)

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