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24 December 2008



i wouldnt mind some of those red and greens
all our cookies do go down fast - i can never keep up in the kitchen!


We've got good Greek moms! I LOVE melomakarona, my Yiayia used to make the best, and no one has picked up on that recipe yet... it won't be me. Hope you have wonderful holidays!


Kalliope, You beat me to it. I was contemplating on doing a post with MY mother's Christmas baking. The presentation was so pretty, all the similar cookies lined up together to form a lovely composition. The thing is, I have more than made a dent in the cookie container so there is icing sugar from the kourambeithes on the melomakarona, where as you know, there shouldn't be. Too messy now to photograph.

Those kourambeithes of your mom's are looking good!! And those round cookies dabbed with the chocolate would probably be my favourite too as I do enjoy chocolate and nuts above all. Enjoy your desserts!!

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