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05 January 2009



Mine would say "alla ta FANCY pragmata, then m'aresi!"


Haha!! Mine would say, "ola ta ehi e marioli, o fereztes tis lipi" LOL!
Or, perhpas she would say, "to kako sas to kairo"...then she would toss a slipper at me :)

I'm impressed...you have a Russel Wright collection!! I only have a bead collection haha!


Hi B, I love the one you attached, and am embarassed to say I have it as part of my Russel Wright collection... which although quite beautiful, is a bit toooooooo mid-century modern for my table. It's a gorgeous chartreuse green. What would our Greek grandmother's say about our "evolved design senses"!!


About a year ago, I was browsing on-line and stumbled on an Etsy shop that sold vintage kitchen housewares. I was specifically looking for a retro-style sugar bowl and creamer. I saw a nice set from a Danish designer dating back to the 60s. Very contemporary and streamlined. The creamer could serve dual function and be used for gravy as well. Unfortunately, I did not buy it, and it quickly sold afterward.
Sometimes, I just use a Pyrex measuring cup for gravy. Not very aesthetic (I know) but perfectly functional. I'm sure if you keep looking you will eventually find your perfect gravy boat.

Here's one that I really like although it's holding capacity is scant:


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