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08 February 2009



Z, I have had one as a rental, and it was just silly. I couldn't get it up to 55 miles an hour on a slight incline. Silly car. A friend says she calls them PT Losers.

Oh... and for the record, I counted 37 of them today, in just 3 hours between Seattle and Portland. Pay attention, they are taking over I tell you!


The PT Cruiser is an atrocious car, made more so by the fact that it was designed in concert with the cultural anthropologist Clotaire Rapaille (consultant to many Fortune 500's on consumer behavior) and based on all of that "reptilian brain" theory that was driving the development of the SUV market in American in the 1990's. Have you ever had one as a rental car? Mine couldn't make a U-turn at a light because the turning radius is larger than a Ford F-150. It pointed out just how lacking the American driving population is in demanding engineering and safety excellence. Instead we're wooed by nostalgia and kitch. Uggggh.


Hmm, I had no idea there was a "gangster-type" car but then again I'm not a fan of cars, although I do think Mini Coopers are cute. Being a pedestrian and a cyclist most of my life, cars are something to be leery of and on occasion, to swear at :)


Yesterday I counted thirteen of them in the span of 2 hours. One of them actually kept up with my 3.2 liter Audi A3, on a level piece of highway, but we believe it may have had TWO engines!!


my sentiments exactly, this car is circulating the streets of hania, and it looks nothing less than an atrocity


Jesse, Just the word I wanted use...but was advised by my board of editors to refrain. Thanks for helping me express my thoughts EXACTLY!


I know why "they" aren't happy... the PT Cruiser is nothing but a retro Art Deco-ish parts of a Dodge Neon. I'd be pissed too.

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