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15 February 2009


Laurie Constantino

I agree it is lovely and well designed. I look at it and think how hard it would be to clean those floors! Though I suppose if I could afford the price tag, I probably wouldn't be cleaning it myself!


low maintenance, simple, minimal, functional and beautiful - but just too much space (i'd want it smaller).


Kalliope, I was amazed that there is room for such a large dwelling in NY, as I often hear from people that apartments in NY are tiny and very pricey. I do like living spaces to be minimalist and functional. I grew up in a house with a lot of clutter and wall-to-wall furniture and I find open spaces so calming.


I don't think that the size of the space has much to do with why I love it so! This looks pretty low maintenance, and the way it's designed would lend itself to small spaces. Simple, minimal, functional and beautiful.


Whoa! 7,200 square feet in NY?!

My house is under 1,000 sq. ft. How's that for living small? I don't mind small spaces actually, as it's more sustainable...less consumption of hydro and gas and...fewer rooms to clean :)

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