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18 April 2009



Hi Kalliope. I like cars as much as you do, I think, but am more constrained by my dog. I was a passenger in one of these belonging to a friend last year - and he showed me what it could do. Scared the pants off me. We were on our way to vet a horse, and what with that and meeting death head on several times in quick succession (overtaking with not enough room is when the engine came into its own) I needed a huge gin and tonic when I got home and a lie down in a dark room. I could barely speak. It made my beloved BMW look like a wind-up toy. If you can cope with this car, then I take my hat off to you! And, I agree, it is quite beautiful to look at.

My friend got rid of his because his family refused to travel with him in it (good move) - and they now has a supercharged Mercedes instead which at least looks meek and mild.

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