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29 May 2010



Maria, I will look for it when we are in Greece in just a few weeks :).


here's my absolutely favorite feta, which thankfully i can get at my local supermarket these days - altho feta is made in crete too, i prefer to buy FETA PLATAION, which is a firm feta, slightly salty, and it doesnt crumble unless purposely broken

altho i dont really need to hoard feta, it isnt cheap to buy it, so when it is on special (rarely), i do buy a large block - it keeps well in its own brine

my little expat kitchen

Hello Kalliope. Thanks for visiting my blog, it gave me the chance to discover yours.
I LOVE feta. It's my favorite cheese in the world and I can't go a day without eating a piece of it. Well, I am Greek after all!

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